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Why Plan With Troy?


As one of America’s few Certified College Planning Specialists, Troy helps parents and students afford the costs of some of the nation’s top schools. He loves the work; it literally betters young people’s lives, and improves their parents’ finances. 

If your child has excelled academically, you may feel like you have to excel financially to cope with the tuition, housing and out-of-state fees handed down by an elite university. You may not have to; it may be a matter of restructuring your family income and refocusing your financial effort. 

No doubt you’ve looked into Coverdell ESAs, UGMAs and UTMAs, even considered tapping your home equity. And you’ve probably learned that Section 529 saving plans can be a fine way to save for college, with their tax-deferred accumulation of earnings, tax-free withdrawals for qualified education expenses and freedom to change beneficiaries within the family. Keep in mind that non-qualified withdrawals from 529 plans may be subject to tax penalties.  

But Troy can introduce you to other ways: the "frontloading" of annual exclusion gifts from grandparents to grandchildren, the use of life insurance structured in favor of cash-value development, business cash flow & creative borrowing strategies, education investments, even tapping Roth IRA earnings.

These are some of the ways that Troy can utilize to help you pursue your college funding goals. Don’t stop here - call or e-mail Troy now to open the door to real, practical strategies in college planning and retirement planning. 

Please remember that all investments are subject to risk and may involve loss of principal. No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.