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Products & Services

Troy E. Miller, CFP®, ChFC, CCPS offers a wide range of quality services and tax strategies and is therefore able to work with you to create financial strategies tailored to address your individual needs.  Troy spends the necessary time to thoroughly understand each client's financial situation and then focuses on helping his clients define their current situations and develop specific goals. Troy is committed to helping you develop long-term strategies to work towards financial success in the following areas:


Brokerage Accounts - Consolidating your investments into a single account can make it easy for you to take advantage of opportunities that exist in today's investment markets. An LPL Financial Brokerage Account provides you the access and support to trade many types of securities - stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. You receive a monthly report of all your investments in one, easy-to-read statement. At tax time, all your accounts are consolidated onto one 1099 form.

Money Management Programs - Whether its retirement planning, funding private education and/or college, or protecting your estate, investing will play a major role in your overall financial strategy.  LPL Financial is a registered investment advisor that provides Troy with access to advisory services to promote your financial goals. Our objective is to make the investment process easy, convenient and effective.


Term Life - Advantage Term offers two great options for fully guaranteed, level term protection - 10 and 20 years. Our term insurance provides the protection you need with conversion opportunities to meet your future needs.

Whole Life - Classic Life is a traditional, whole life product designed to solve specific needs of the mature marketplace. It targets clients who want low, guaranteed level premiums for lifetime coverage with strong policy guarantees. Classic Life offers a certain amount of flexibility at issue, a feature which is both useful and unique in the whole life arena.

Disability - Disability insurance can protect you from the financial strain of a disability and protect what you've worked so hard to achieve.

**Guarantees are based upon the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Educational Strategies

Education Funding - Learn how unique academic and tax strategies may be used to pay for K-12 and College educations while keeping you on tract for retirement.  

Retirement Planning - These strategies help you build your retirement resources and work towards your retirement goals.  It's packed with shrewd, clear-sighted information on how to develop your retirement plan, and take advantage of your 401(k) plan.  Be sure to ask about the new IRA distribution rules and what it means for you.

Asset Allocation - Asset Allocation involves using multiple asset classes for your investments (i.e., cash, fixed income and equities). Using the modern portfolio theory of asset allocation, Troy will discuss how you may be able to diversify even further depending upon your risk/reward tolerance and time horizon.

**Asset allocation does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss.

Financial Planning

Wealth Accumulation - To accumulate wealth is to have a disciplined plan that requires time, money and a strategy for both short and long term goals. Some investors come into money in other ways. They want to learn how to preserve it or help grow it on a conservative or aggressive basis. You should complete a fact-finder and map out your plan to determine what your goals are, and where they will take you. We want to help you define what your wealth is, and how much you need to reach your goals. This is a must for the procrastinator.

Business Solutions

Business Successions - In the event of a merger/acquisition, sale, death, disability or retirement, a small business/corporation should have a business plan in place to accommodate the new owners/management at the time of need. This plan would help to facilitate a transition due to an interruption to the plan.

Executive Bonus Plans - These plans can be designed to compensate highly compensated executives who want to maintain interest in their company's profits while improving management retention (Sec. 162 IRC).

Deferred Compensation Plans - These plans can be designed to help top-level management or highly compensated executives in addition to other benefits. These plans are generally on a non-qualified basis. They typically have vesting schedules tying these highly paid employees to the company over time while providing benefits to them or their families upon a death or disability.

Buy/Sell Agreements - These agreements are designed to keep small businesses or corporations in business in the event of death, disability, or the buying or selling of the business. These plans are generally between partners or corporate owners.

Key Person Plans - These plans usually use insurance contracts or sinking funds to replace a key employee due to their death, disability or retirement. The cash value can be used to compensate the key employee down the line for retirement. This could be a taxable event. Be sure to consult your tax advisor.